Call rate for Malaysia - Mobile Digi network

All our services are using premium quality call termination to the Malaysia Mobile Digi network.

Malaysia - Mobile Digi call rate: US$ 0.054 or Euro 0.039 per minute

Do note that like all Click-to-Call services our CallME! service makes two phone calls. One call connects to the number set in the account by the account owner and the other call connects to the number entered by the web visitor. The two calls are connected to each other in our call server. Both calls are terminated in the public telephone network somewhere in the world and both calls are billed based on their destination.

For example:
If an CallME! account owner configured a phone number in the USA and the web visitor entered a phone number in Malaysia using a phone connected to the Mobile Digi network in this country.

The total call cost for the call between USA and Malaysia will be:

US$ 0.025 + US$ 0.054 = US$ 0.079 per minute


Euro 0.018 + Euro = Euro 0.018 per minute

US$ rates are based on an exchange rate of US$ 1.00 = Euro 0.71 (please consult for the actual exchange rate)

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